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Members’ Web Portal…..Coming Soon!!!!!!!!

The Sacco will soon launch a service that Members can use to access their statements online.

The Web Portal will enhance customer satisfaction.

The features will  include:

  • Checking member statements (FOSA/BOAS)
  • Loan statement or status details
  • Dividend statements
  • Guarantor statement Details
  • Amount of Loan a member qualifies for
  • Loan Calculator and repayment schedules
  • Easy access to loan application forms and policies
  • Gusii Mwalimu Quarterly newsletter

To Access the web portal, Members must click to login here first

For (forgotten) login details, send a mail to

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Top Budget Hacks for Planning and Accounting

Something most rags-to riches stories have in common is that a good budget is always needed to help anyone achieve financial security. If you want to significantly improve your credit, you have to learn how to pace your spending and increase your savings. No matter how much money you have, there will always be something you can spend it all on and become dead broke again.

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