The department handles filing, documentation and archiving of all forms of data, be it print, electronic data etc

Main Duties and responsibilities for the department include:

Maintain an effective and well organized filing system through automation and digitization programs.

Take the necessary precaution to protect the records with appropriate fire, climate and access control equipment to ensure business continuity in case of fire or other calamity.

Sourcing all necessary information from other offices and departments and passing it to the members as appropriate.

Ensuring the safety of the members’ personal files.

Keeping track of the movement of files.

Organizing for an appropriate archiving system.

Bench marking with other organizations to ensure a high standard of work and best practices.

Issuing cheques or relevant information to members

Ensure registering of new members is done appropriately

Updating members register from time to time

Issuing of loan forms to members

Carry out any other duties specified from time to time.