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Registered youth and women groups within the Gusii Mwalimu Sacco’s catchment area will soon enjoy the Sacco’s micro-credit services,following the society’s opening of its common bond to allowe members of the public in organized groups join the Sacco.

The Sacco Chief Executive Officer,Charles Omwansa has said plans are underway to roll out the micro-credit services in the Sacco to facilitate the youth and women in organized and registered groups become members of the Saacco.

Speaking to this writer at the Sacco’s Gusii Mwalimu House head office,Omwansa clarified that,formerly the Sacco only attracted its membership from the teaching fraterned and other salaried civil servants,but due to public demand for the Sacco’s products and services,the management Board was forced to address that public demand through opening its operations to other members of the public to invest in the Society.

“As our name suggests,we have been dealing with teachers as our members,but with changing business trends and market dynamics,the management Board decided that other members of the unbanked population should be brought on board through the introduction of micro-credit services targetting members from the informal economic sector,”stated Omwansa.

He disclosed that,due to overwhelming demand for the Sacco’s products and service,the Society will conduct a feasibility studt survey within its catchment area,before embarking on registration and training of registered youth and women groups to benefit from the Sacco’s upcoming micro-credit services.

The CEO said,the Sacco’s new Plaza which is under construction in the Kisii Town Central Business District,will house the new department of micro-credit  as an independent section dealing with micro-credit services to the target groups.

Source: www.kisiicounty_business_news/559072 ……………… by Ben Oroko

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