1. Salary, pensions and produce payment – The FOSA affords members a pay point for their salaries, pension and agricultural produce.
  2. Members’ personal Loan clearance – The FOSA clears members personal Loans in order to take another new personal Loan.
  3. Fixed deposit accounts– where member with funds that have no immediate use     are deposited in a fixed deposit account where safety is guaranteed and then they attract a reasonable rate of return.
  4. Sale of Banker’s cheques
  5. 24 hour- In-house ATMs, Mobile banking and Sacco-link cash dispensation – Gives members’ flexible and alternative access to cash from their FOSA account(s) at any given time.
  6. Corporate accounts for Institutions– Institutions can open account that will enable them access credit facilities from the Sacco.
  7. Mobile Banking – Launched to enable members to transact on their accounts via mobile fund transfers.