BOSA Products

1. Development Loans

  • Given up to 5 times a member’s shares (subject to 1/3 of basic salary rule)
  • Repayable in between 12 -to- 108 months
  • These loans are amortized and are offered at affordable interest rates.

 2.    Refinancing Loans

  • These type of loans are given to members who could already be having development loans that have already been substantially serviced but still need more financing .
  • Refinancing loans are payable in between 36 -to- 108 months

3.School Fees Loans

  • School fees loans are given to members to carter for their school fees needs.
  • It is repayable in a maximum of 12 months
  • Affordable interest rates at diminishing balance are offered

4.   Emergency Loans

  • Given to members to carter for unplanned for occurrences
  • These loans are given on the same day that they are applied.