This department is charged with taking care of office administration affairs, documentation, meetings, editing, public relations and handling important matters related to the Board of Directors

The main duties and responsibilities of this department include:

(a)Arranging meetings in the CEO’s office and the BOD.

(b)Receiving, filing, classifying letters and other confidential documents.

(c)Maintaining secret register of valuable documents in the office.

(d) Receptionist to the CEO’s office.

(e)Typing the CEO’s and the Board of Directors’ correspondences and minutes.

(f)Liaising with operations and real estate department to ensure that offices are well maintained.

(g)Receiving, making and directing calls in the society.

(h)Managing the CEOs diary.

(i)Ensuring adequate supply of stationery in the CEO’s office.

(j)Making arrangement to host the Sacco’s guests.

(k)Receiving, sorting, registering and dispatching mails

(l)Filing, classifying mails and other confidential documents

(n)Photocopying general office documents for office use in various departments

(o)Typing general assignments as may be assigned.

(p)Collecting and distributing all mails to SACCO employees and respective persons

(q) Opening of files and filing documents.

(r)Arranging office equipment and furniture

(s) Directing visitors within the office.

(t)Recording any important documents